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Intra Hydrocare
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There are ways to obtain clean and safe water. In the past, boiling water was the primary way to have safe water as the thought that heat can kill germs that cause contamination. Now, science and technology have discovered means to make water clean and potable easier and accessible.

Mineralization, distillation and filtration are some of the most common procedures to obtain clean and safe drinking water, as most of the small to medium scale water businesses use these procedures.

In large scale waterfacilities including swimming pools, tanks and fountains, chlorination is conducted regularly by using chlorine to clean water drainage systems and water containers. Chlorine, in a form of hypochlorite, dissolves in water which kills germs in water and provides a buffer. Chloride should be handled with care and safety cautions should be practiced in decontamination and cleaning of large water facilities.

If your drinking water has an unpalatable taste or if the appearance is turbid, avoid or discontinue drinking.
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