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Company:  Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Philippines, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Freeze-dried Modified Live Virus Vaccine against Avian Encephalomyelitis, Calnek strain and Fowl Pox Homologous virus. ...
Indications:  Used in layer and breeder replacement pullets at ≥10 wks of age and in birds that are not in production as an aid in ...
Company:  Apthealth, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Freeze-dried live vaccine against avian encephalomyelitis
Indications:  Vaccinal prophylaxis of avian encephalomyelitis of future layers and parents.
Company:  Ceva Animal Health Philippines, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Freeze-dried preparation of live vaccine containing fowl pox virus and avian ence¬≠phalomyelitis virus of chicken embryo...
Indications:  Aids in the prevention of fowl pox and avian encephalo¬≠myelitis.
Company:  MSD Animal Health (Phils.), Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Each dose: 101.8 EID50 avian encephalomyelitis virus strain Calnek 1143, 101.8 EID...
Indications:  Active immunization against avian encephalomyelitis and fowl pox; protection against egg drop during lay. Progeny of vac...
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