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Company:  Equalivet Incorporated
Content:  Formic acid, ammonium formate, propionic acid, ammonium propionate and aluminosilicates
Indications:  For use in animal feed and feed ingredients to kill Salmonella and other harmful G (-) bacteria and to protect animals f...
Company:  Cargill Philippines, Inc.
Content:  Yucca powder, activated aluminosilicates, pure clinoptilolite
Indications:  Reduces ammonia level and foul odor in farm.
Company:  Equalivet Incorporated
Content:  Complexed hydrated magnesium aluminosilicates and bioflavonoids
Indications:  Unparalleled binding system combines unique physico-electro properties to entrap mycotoxins.
Company:  Camden Industries, Inc.
Content:  Combination of natural plant extracts, yeast cell walls and minerals
Indications:  Controls reproductive problems, immunosuppression, hepatotoxicity and gastrointestinal disturbances related to mycotoxic...
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