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Company:  Maxion Bioscience, Inc.
Content:  Endo-1, 4-Beta-xylanase 4000 U, Alpha-amylase 400 U, Subtilisin (Protease) 8000 U
Indications:  A feed enzyme specifically developed for use in monogastric diets based on cereal grains and vegetable protein meals, al...
Company:  Maxion Bioscience, Inc.
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Per g: Endo-1,4-beta-xylanase 20,000 U, alpha-amylase 2,000 U, subtilisin (protease) 40,000 U
Indications:  A feed enzyme for use in broiler diets based on cereal grains and vegetable protein meals, allowing the inclusion of som...
Company:  Maxion Bioscience, Inc.
Content:  Per g: Protease 40000 U
Indications:  As a feed additive in combination with Danisco Animal Nutritional Alpha-Amylase and Danisco Xylanase 4000L, under normal...
Company:  Apthealth, Inc.
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Cellullase, xylanase, beta-glucanase, alpha-amylase, pectinase, protease, phytase
Indications:  Improves the digestibility of feed components. Reduces odor and wet droppings.
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