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Company:  Nurich Vitameal Corporation
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Anhydrous sodium calcium alumino-silicate mineral, with propionic acid, acetic acid, benzoic acid, sorbic acid
Indications:  Double purpose feed preservative - mycotoxin binder and mold inhibitor.
Company:  BASF Philippines, Inc.
Content:  Propionic acid 73%, ammonium propionate 21%, 1,2-Propandiol 4%.
Indications:  Prevention of mycotoxin formation in feeds and feed ingredients like corn.
Company:  Universal Robina Corp.
Content:  High quality meat, cooked cereals-extruded corn and extruded feed wheat, animal protein meals, high protein soybean meal...
Indications:  Strengthens resistance against diseases, helps develop the digestive system and enhances appetite to pigl...
Company:  JCS Chemical Industries, Inc.
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Ca propionate 300 g, citric acid 50 g, formic acid 50 g
Indications:  Prevention and control of mold and fungal growth in feed and feed ingredients thus preventing mycotoxin formation and sp...
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