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Company:  Virbac Philippines, Inc.
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Amitraz 2.475 g
Indications:  Control of ticks in dogs for up to 4 mos. Treat¬≠ment of demodicosis on dogs for up to 4 wks.
Company:  Jickstar Pharma Inc
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Per 100 mL: Amitraz 30 mg, Ketoconazole 2 g.
Indications:  Controls mange, fleas, fungi. Leaves a fresh smelling and shiny coat. Helps in maintaining healthy skin.
Company:  MSD Animal Health (Phils.), Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Per L: Amitraz 125 g
Indications:  Kills ticks, mange mites & lice including strains resistant to organophosphates, organochlorines & carbamate compounds.
Company:  Jickstar Pharma Inc
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Per mL: Amitraz 300 mcg, ketoconazole 10 mg.
Indications:  For prevention and treatment of dermatitis on dogs caused by demodex, sarcoptes mange, and fleas associat...
Company:  Fanfreluche Enterprises, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Amitraz
Indications:  For control of demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, ticks, & lice in dogs.
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