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Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Unit B & C, 9/F Inoza Tower, 40th St.,
North Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Tel Nos.: 541-5693 / 541-5589 - 90
Fax Nos.: 541-5588
Website: http://www.evonik.com

Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  DL-methionine
Indications:  Provides methionine source to aquaculture feed industry such as tilapia and milkfish.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  L-valine feed grade 98%
Indications:  Improves animal performance, reduce production cost, increase body weight.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  99% DL-methionine feed grade
Indications:  Ensures the adequate supply of sulfur amino acids and essential amino acid, methionine.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:   Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Indications:  Gut flora stabilizer, lower mortality, and improved foot pad quality, weight gain and feed conversion.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA), water, starch
Indications:  Improves broiler performance in terms of feed conversion, weight gain, and breast meat yield, carcass quality for swine....
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  L-lysine sulphate, feed grade 54.6%
Indications:  Helps in the contribution of biomass.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  L-threonine 98.5% feed grade
Indications:  Plays an important role in feather synthesis, gut health and immune system.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  DL-methionyl-DL-methionine
Indications:  Provides methionine source to aquaculture feed industry particularly for shrimp.
Company:  Evonik (Philippines), Inc.
Content:  L-tryptophan 98% feed grade
Indications:  Enhances feed intake, weight gain and animal performance, particularly in the starter phase of livestock production.
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