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Aviapor Corporation
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Muzon, Taytay, Rizal
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Company:  Aviapor Corporation
Content:  Reactive magnesium oxide, lignosulfonate
Indications:  Increases production rate and pellet durability simultaneously, resulting in more pellets and more quality. Makes hard r...
Company:  Aviapor Corporation
Content:  Lignocellulose
Indications:  Increases the sense of satiety and ensures cohesive feed for the animal with its extraordinary water absorbing ability a...
Company:  Aviapor Corporation
Drug Class:  Non-Rx
Content:  Potassium peroxymonosulfate
Indications:  General sanitizing: pig farm, poultry farm, cattle-shed washing floors, sinks walls. Disinfecting in dairies: drinking w...
Company:  Aviapor Corporation
Content:  Lignosulphonic acid, organic acids
Indications:  Anti-microbial agents.
Company:  Aviapor Corporation
Content:   Aspergillus meal
Indications:  To alleviate stress, improve digestibility and feed efficiency of poultry, swine and fish. Improve weight gain and egg p...
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