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Company:  Virbac Philippines, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Per 100 mL: Ampicillin trihydrate 10 g, Colistin sulfate 25,000,000 IU, Dexamethasone acetate 25 mg
Indications:  Calves: infectious diarrhea, enteritis, salmo­nellosis, arthritis, haemorrhagic, septi­cemia and respiratory infection...
Company:  Enviro CropVet Products, Inc.
Drug Class:  Rx
Content:  Per g: Ampicillin trihydrate 200 mg, colistin sulfate 800,000 IU.
Indications:  Prevention and treatment of colibacillosis, chronic respiratory disease (CRD), sinusitis, Clostridial infection, coryza,...
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