Concise Product Information
from the PVET Philippine Veterinary Drug Directory
Sewon L-Lysine HCl 99% Feed 
Content: L-lysine HCl 99%. Yellow or white crystalline powder. Loss on drying: less than 1%. Residue on ignition: less than 0.3%. Melting point: 263-264ºC. Bulk density: 0.65-0.7 g/cm3. pH value: 5-6 (as 100 g/L water). Solubility in water: Approx 600 g/L (20ºC).
PVET Classification: Amino Acids and Fatty Acids
Needs a prescription: Yes (please see your veterinarian for proper supervision)
What is this product for: To meet the dietary requirements of animals fed low lysine grains and cereals.
How to use it (Dosing): Mixed in feed. Dosage varies w/ feed formulation.
Situations in which this should not be used (Contraindications):
Health concerns to watch out for; situations in which Precautions are recommended before or while using this product:
Medicines and other products that may affect or are affected by this product (Drug Interactions):
Available forms: Bag 25 kg.
Company: Trans World Trading Company, Inc.

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