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Cow & Buffalo
Goat & Sheep
Other Birds
Fur Animals
Fish Shrimp
Animal Cycles and Periods
Features of the Reproductive Cycle
Helps identify the age of puberty, type of cycle per animal and suggest the best time to breed
Dental Formulas
Accurate formula for the summary of mammal’s teeth
Rectal Temperature
Contains rectal temperature normal values among different animal species with 0.5 difference limit
Heart Rates
Tabular form of normal heart rate per animal measures in beats per minute
Resting Respiratory Rate
Includes normal breathing rate classified by species measured in breaths per minute
Urine Volume
Normal urine volume output per day of listed species based on mL/kg body weight
Incubation Periods
Period in days wherein each bird species must incubate or assist their egg incubation prior to be hatched
Gestation Periods
Estimates the birth time measured in days from the beginning of fertilization up to birth
Table of Equivalents
Conversion table of the common units to assist feeding of animals
Calendar of Events
Foundation for Resource Linkage and Development, Inc. (FRLD, Inc)
World Trade Center, Metro Man...
CMB Events and Promotion Specialist Inc.
SM Trade Halls, SM City Cebu
Philippine Animal Hospital Association (PAHA)
Novotel, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Philippine Society of Animal Nutritionists
Marriott Grand Ballroom, Newport Boulevard, Newport ...
Philippine Society of Animal Science (PSAS)
The Heritage Hotel, Pasay City